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Welcome to the online press kit for click!
"Read this book to make everything in your life ... click!"

Written specifically for teen girls and based on the idea that what you give is what you get, Click! explains how to figure out what you really want, how to focus on your goals using positive energy, and, ultimately, how to achieve those goals.

Co-authors Annabel Monaghan and Elisabeth Wolfe know first-hand the challenges faced by teen girls because they've lived it! From being dumped by a best friend in ninth grade to trying to snag the cutest guy in L.A. as a prom date, Annabel and Elisabeth drew upon their experiences and wrote the book they wish had existed when they were teenagers. Tools and topics include:

  • The "Focus Factor"
  • Sending an E-vite to the universe
  • Banishing the evil stepsisters, Bitching and Moaning
  • Learning to visualize your goals in order to achieve them
  • A journal and daily planner to help kick things off

Download a One Pager.
Visit the book's Web site: www.clickthegirlsguide.com and the Click! BLOG.

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